Slights by Kaaron Warren

This is not a book I would usually read. It is not the type of book I would normally read. I am a simple man, with simple tastes. Usually that involves an easy to follow plot and some obvious and well constructed violence.

I was well out of my comfort zone with this one. There is so much left to the imagination, so many clever little gaps that you just automatically fill in. For a book about serial killers there does not seem to be much violence, but then you realise that you have read quite a few murders and not really even registered them as such.

The main character Stevie is so screwed up and a complete mess. I found myself being drawn into her character more and more to the degree that what she was doing almost seemed normal. There is plenty of sex and violence in this story, with a more than uncomfortable amount of abuse thrown in. I am still having trouble conceiving some of the things in this book as they are just so disturbing. I could try talking about Stevie’s character arc, but it would seem more like a sine wave. At the end I was glad there was closure and really felt the story in a surprisingly emotional way.

Those lovely people over at Angry Robot have once again not only found another gem of a book, but added some interesting extras to the end of the book. The quick questions give an insight into the normal life of a writer (yes I said normal, but only as a relative term). There is also a preview of the next Kaaren Warren book to be released by Angry Robot.

Who would like this? I have no idea. I liked it, and will recommend it to friends who like reading about the horrid things that can happen to seemingly normal people.


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