The Office of Lost & Found by Vincent Holland-Keen

When Andy Remic tweets that he is looking for people to advance read new book on his Anarchy Books publishing company it has to be worth a look. When the author is described as a new talent in the vein of Pratchett or Adams well that kinda seals the deal. This is the second book released by Anarchy Books and the first that isn’t by Andy Remic, so it is quite important that it sets a good standard.

The feeling I got whilst reading this book took me back to reading Good Omens all those years ago. I knew I was reading something different. Something that may not sell a million copies this year, but will probably have a cult following. It is not like the book you just finished.

If you believe that what you currently perceive is the only possible reality then I’d suggest you walk away and do not read this book.

In simple terms this is a detective story, but that is like saying Lord of the Rings is a story with little people in it. My wife could not read this book. She would be driven insane after about three or four chapters by the way it jumps about and doesn’t give you a clear and obvious path to follow. Personally I loved the fact that I didn’t have a clue what was going on for most of this book. To be honest I still don’t understand some of it, and I intend to go back and read it again in a few months.

The characters are interesting easy to relate to. I particularly like the main protagonist Thomas Locke who trudges through life blindly following what seem like whimsical cues (sounds like you workplace too?), and totally unaware of the dark past that his employer has released him from. I have now named my toaster Leonard, but thus far he has failed to burn any messages into my bread.

The biggest surprise for me was how neatly and well the story finished. Even fifty pages from the end I did not know how it was going to end in a way that made sense for all the main characters. The climax of the book is an epic chase and battle that reads equal parts Transformers and Lovecraft. There really is a lot going on in this book.

I would recommend this book to anybody who is slightly unhinged or at least open to the possibility that pan-dimensional aliens are already walking amongst us. It is a wild and thoroughly enjoyable read that I will be recommending to my friends, and certainly reading again at a later date.

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