Light of the Wicked by Fred Hurr

I picked up this book from a signing at my local Waterstones. Usually signings there are limited to plastic people with ghost writers. Anything resembling a genuine fiction book was something I couldn’t miss. Add to that a local author and I had to at least find out what the book was about.

I did visit the author’s website to find out some more about the book. I was a little surprised to see that the author described himself as a religious scholar in his spare time. Add this to the title and you can probably guess what kind of novel this is. If you are an angry atheist then you probably will not enjoy this book. I’m agnostic, and as such feel I can be fairly objective (I hope).

This book takes places in a sleepy Welsh town that unbeknownst to the inhabitants has become a battleground in the unceasing war between heaven and hell. The demons are  hell bent (pun intended) on causing pain, suffering, and general chaos throughout the region. This of course has not gone unnoticed, and a host of angels is waiting in the wings to do battle. We follow various characters through trials and tribulations that include a fall from grace, a crisis of faith, being born again and being infused with the spirit of God.

Reading back the paragraph above I’m not sure I’d read this book. That isn’t fair though, as I quite enjoyed it. The pace is a lot slower than I am used to, but the tempo does increase as it goes on and more importantly fits the story. It is a feel good read that delivers everything you’d expect it to.

Anybody wanting to read a Christian themed novel will find this a fantastic read, and even if you just want an easy to read story that is not offensive this will fit the bill nicely. Overall I found this  book to be a nice change of pace, and it also made me think about the Anglican point of view in a different light. Give it a try.


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