Out of this World exhibit @ British Library

There was only so many times I could read on Twitter about how great the exhibition was before I took some time off to visit the big smoke and find out for myself.

Excuse the language, but it is the Dog’s Bollox!

If you like science fiction then this is something you really should see. We spent over two hours wandering around just this exhibit. That was before going to look at the Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible and Scott’s journal open at his famous last words.

The first thing I saw on walking in was a copy of Zoo City by Lauren Beukes. This good start was just a prelude of things to come. Everything from the Russian Aelita to China Mieville, from Mary Shelley to  Bishop Francis Godwin. Just about everything else you can think of is included.

The highlight for me was a letter from Orson Welles which made me chuckle out loud. Actually the whole exhibition was one great big highlight.

I did really well in the gift shop and only bought a single postcard depicting the cover of the 1928 edition of Strange Stories which is just awesome.

After such a great trip we then wandered over to Forbidden Planet to spend some hard earned cash (well earned anyway). Both of us bought a copy of Dan Abnett’s Embedded, a signed limited edition version that was almost impossible to resist.

The final stop on this geek nirvana was the Orc’s Nest gaming shop.


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