Embedded by Dan Abnett

Dan Abnett does not get enough credit for his science fiction works. The Gaunt’s Ghosts series and the Eisenhorn trilogy are just superb, and in my opinion  overlooked because they are 40K tie-in novels. Go read some of them and tell me I’m wrong.

Seeing a signed limited edition (200 copies) copy of this in Forbidden Planet was too much for me to resist. This is a lovely looking book, and I particularly like the little trill at the bottom of the font. Is it worth the £20 price? Maybe not, but it was a treat and I knew I would enjoy it.

This story follows a journalist called Lex Falk as his easy money story turns into potentially the biggest story in history. To get this story Falk needs to have his mind repositioned into the head of a soldier, and thus experience events first hand in an area that journalists are not allowed. Things start going wrong when private Bloom who Falk is riding with gets shot in the face. Falk has to take over controlling Bloom’s body to get the story and to survive. Things get steadily worse as Falk gradually pieces things together, but it is not until the finale that he (and the audience) find out what is really going on. The ending ties up everything nicely without coming across as cheesy.

I found this to be a fascinating read that managed to keep the story flowing nicely, whilst delivering some really vivid descriptions. I didn’t want to put this book down and read most of it in a single day. This a great stand-alone military sci-fi book that I believe most people would enjoy.


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