An Occupation of Angels by Lavie Tidhar

This is a short story that flies by at such a rate it almost felt like flash fiction.

Mr Tidhar is a well travelled chap, and this comes out in his vivid description of various places across the world. It is even more impressive that he manages it with a minimal amount of words.

This story is based around the premise that Angels came to earth and ended the Second World War. The cold war turns out to be rather different. Angels are not quite how we imagine them to be, and mankind lives in fear  of these capricious overlords. The plot centres around a mysterious group changing the balance of power and the British agent sent to protect the interests of the crown. This young lady does not have an easy time of it, and by the time we get to the climax of the story she is not exactly in the box seats.

I found this to be a fresh and original story. It took hardly any time or effort to read, and left me wanting to read more by the author.

Now where did I put the Bookman #2?


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