Lauren Beukes and Joey Hi-fi at the British Library

There are some things in life that are hard to resist. A free reading and talk at the amazing British Library by such an awesome author as Lauren Beukes is one of them.

It was great to meet in person some people I have spoken to on Twitter. Of course the reason we were all there to listen to Lauren Beukes and eagerly sat down in front of her and listened like a group of five year olds at story time. It was well worth the effort to turn up.

I found it really refreshing to listen to an author talk about the real issues rather than themselves and their own struggles. We all need reminding sometimes that a lot of people are in a REALLY bad situation. It was a quality talk after an enjoyable reading. I wasn’t aware that the news clips parts in Zoo City were written by other people, but that explains the different voice, and I think it was a genius idea.

Joey Hi-fi tried his best to hide away from people, but we didn’t make it easy for him. I for one wasn’t going to let him get away without letting him know how much I liked his work on the Zoo City cover.

I was especially pleased that I managed to get them both to sign my copy of Zoo City, and they put in the effort to write more than just their name. It is the little things that mark out genuine people, and I hope their success continues for a long time.

My brain wasn’t able to fully cope with all the stimuli and I think it totally shut down when Erik Lundqvist introduced me to Adam Christopher.

The lovely Jared from Pornokitsch was in charge of the raffle. My mate who I dragged along with me was lucky enough to win the Zoo City t-shirt donated by Angry Robot Books.

A great afternoon which was topped off with a trip to Forbidden Planet to look at the precious.


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