Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas

I was lucky enough to have this ebook sent to me by those lovely people at Anarchy Books. I would probably not have bought this book given the one review on Amazon UK gives it two stars and implies it is a book of short stories. It is better than that and most certainly one cohesive story. A bit more research showed it was a finalist for the Bram Stoker award in 2003.

Have you ever played the Call of Cthulhu Role-playing game? If so reading this book will make you want to convince one of your mates to run a campaign set in the future, or at least the present. It has that great Cthulhu feel of being creepy and weird without actually showing you any tentacles for the most part. Sci-fi Cthulhu is a genius idea and there needs to be more of it. Now please.

I don’t want to get too carried away as this book is not perfect. In some places it felt like it was trying to be a mainly earth colony, yet the next it was filled with lots of alien cultures, and then it would flip again. The world could have been a little better formed. I am a big fan of everything going to pot, and the main protagonist going at least slightly mad. As this is almost a given in any Cthulhu setting I was glad to see it done well in this story.

The story starts  with a normal bloke and his slightly experimental goth girlfriend placing candles around a room and saying a spell from a book she got hold of. Oh the book belonged to her friend who was found decapitated. It all goes downhill from there and just when you think the climax is past and things are just being tidied up it gets even worse.

The biggest surprise for me in this novel is that there was not a follow-up. It is crying out for more battles between the Outsiders and the Elder Gods.

If you are a Cthulhu fan then this is the book for you, if not it has a shotgun on page one. I will be recommending this to my gaming mates.


3 thoughts on “Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas

  1. Thanks for the kind review, Tony — I’m happy you liked my novel. While I haven’t written a direct sequel to MONSTROCITY, there is in fact more cyber-Mythos to be had in my 2007 novel DEADSTOCK (Solaris Books), again set in my city of Punktown and again involving the dubious meat company Alvine Products. Thanks again! — Jeffrey

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