The Amber Room by Ian Sales

This is another ebook that I purchased on a whim. It was so cheap on the Kindle store that I think it was less than a can of coke or a cup of tea at the greasy spoon. It is a short story that can be read in about an hour.

Set in a British museum this story explores the possibility of an infinite number of parallel universes occupying the same physical space. The ability of one man to cross between worlds and rescue lost works of art and culturally significant items for the benefit of society is an interesting starting point. There are hints about the Prime Minister wanting to use this ability for personal and political gain (would you credit that).

I’d not even heard of the word ‘louring’ let alone know there was a word for the clouds lowering, and it is always good to learn. There were a few art references that I did not know and the title is in itself a reference to the missing Russian treasure room. That one at least I had heard of.

I found this an interesting and enjoyable short story, but ultimately it felt more like a pitch for a longer piece of work. I’d love to see a fully fledged version of this story and think that it has great potential.



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