Human Resources by Ian Sales

I bought this short story on for £0.86. That’s less than a Mr Whippy. Did I mention that I love my Kindle recently?

Ian Sales is an interesting guy and I enjoy reading his blog posts.

This is not a story about those soulless people that ensure your employer can continue to exploit you legally. It is about people trafficking and slavery in the near future. It is so near future that you can almost see it.

I found this to be quite a sinister story, even more so than a story about slavery should be. Despite the complete lack of any blood or gore I found myself imagining what could have happened to the poor workers being victimized in this story.

The story starts with a factory fire and some foreign workers that have survived the but cannot communicate with the rescue crew. On walks a detective that I presumed would be the main character throughout, I got that wrong. There are three points of view that mesh together to form this story. I’m finding it hard to say much more without giving away much of the plot, so I will keep quiet.

Although I found this deeply disturbing and creepily possible I did feel the ending needed a bit of punch. OK, so I like a good old surprise killing or maiming on the last page. The story does finish, I was just expecting something else. I don’t know what, so maybe you should read it and tell me….


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