Cowards Of Us All (Ockham’s Razor part two) by Keith Sheffield

This is the second part of a Space Opera series. The first part, To Catch a Thief was an interesting read so when the opportunity arose to read the second part I could not resist.

I was sent a copy of this as a PDF file that totalled about 100 pages in length. The general feel of this story is a lot lighter than the first part, although it is by no means a comedy. I know this series found inspiration from the Traveller role-playing game, but it actually felt like a chronicle of a gaming session. That in my mind is a good thing.  The pace seemed to be generally higher in this story and it feels more like the second act of a story than a separate story. I haven’t read the third part, but I imagine the three stories would work better if they were dovetailed into a single work.

The plot follows on from the events of the previous story. Drop the enforcer at a space station and have a look around for the singer who ran for it. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything would seem to be the answer. I love the fact that the protagonists  are no closer to solving the original mystery at the end of the story. There is of course a whole new story arc that may or may not be related to the original story. That I guess is one of the manyt questions I will have to wait for the third part to have answered for me.

There was just enough narrative to describe the essential things, but things were left vague enough to let my imagination fill in the details. This will probably not appeal to sci-fi purists that prefer a fully fledged universe described in detail, but if you like to use your imagination to build worlds in your head then this book will make an interesting distraction for you.

This is well worth a look.


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