Thicker Than Water by Ian Sales

This is another short story that is cheaper than a tin of pear halves. You will not be going bankrupt paying 86p for a Kindle book.

The story is set on the moons of Saturn. Colonies on Titan and Tethys have like so many human cultures reverted to a sense of tribal belonging that excludes anyone else. So when contact with Earth is lost war is the only possible outcome. I found that the futility of the situation and the horrors that are committed in the name of the greater good came across really well.

The main character starts out aloof and alone, but by the end of this story is softened by her journey of self-discovery. The ending is nicely done and will lead nicely into the second part.

There seems to be a lot going on in this short story, and plenty of avenues for the second part to explore. The author obviously has obviously researched Saturn and the descriptions almost transported me back to a planetarium.

I’ll probably buy the second part later this month. It is a good little read. Another winner from Ian Sales.


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