Dark Heresy the Starship Troopers night

I keep meaning to jot something down about the campaign we are currently playing because it is so enjoyable.

I’ll start with the background. There are six Inquisitorial agents in our party, three with experience and three backup younger recruits.

The three experienced members are A Battle Sister who was too willful and swore an oath to the emperor not to wear armour until her faith had been tested. Luckily for her one of her suicidal save the party moves was so heroic that she was not only saved but blessed (at least in her mind). The second member is an Arbiter who now sports a grenade launcher and a power fist. He does a lot of damage on the rare occasion he does hit. The final experienced agent is the sneaky and lethal close combat machine we call an assassin.

The three less experienced agents include a psyker who seems bent on melting his brain by using his powers as often as he possibly can. another of the three is a tech priest with an unhealthy obsession with his crotch mounted flamer (don’t ask). The final member is an ex-hospitaller who is now a walking knowledge bank of an adept who’s trying to hone her combat skills.

The party have come through some insane stuff over the last couple of months but the current mission is to make landfall on a planet being attack by Tyranids and save a Techno Magos who is a vital Imperial asset.

As you can imagine this is feeling more and more like Starship troopers, with wave after wave gradually wearing us down. We eventually track down the Magos and head to the communications tower to call for an evac. It is never a good sign when the GM removes a scratch built piece of scenery purely for this part of the adventure. Things quickly get worse as not only more Gaunts, but Warriors and a Carnifex turn up. There is no power to the communications array so our tech priest has to use his crotch mounted charger port to feed it power (yes we are all 12 at heart).

The psyker earned his money by causing the Warriors and Carnifex to keep spasming and falling over, but his best move was actually a perils of the warp attack that went wrong and caused everybody for a huge distance to have to fight off demonic apparitions. All the player made their save, but lots of little scuttling Gaunts failed and lost a valuable round.

My Battle sister showed her complete lack of fear by leaping down into the enemy to use her flamer. She caused quite a bit of damage and caused several to jump out of the way and give us a little more time. After going down to 0 hit points I thought I way toast, but a great psychic healing spell saved me and I managed to carve up some nasties with my power sword.

Pretty soon we were left with just the Carnifex. After an amazing damage roll with an Inferno pistol just about managed to tidy up it’s cuticles we decided that a tactical withdrawal to the top of the tower was in order.  Nervously waiting at the top for the Vendetta to arrive we see a huge shadow looming over head. Oh bugger it is a flying hive tyrant (this is the Forgeworld one which is rather intimidating). Just as I am wondering how the hell we are going to avoid being mincemeat (one attack on any of us would result in instant death) we hear the engines approach followed by a barrage of Lascannon fire that vapourizes the nasty boggly and the hovers near the tower. Much whooping and cheers follows as we all make our rolls to jump aboard the transport. Just as we make it aboar the Carnifex finally rips the tower supports down and causes it to collapse. Not at all close then.

That was the end of the session. I’m hoping it is the end of the adventure, but part of me is expecting something to burst out of  the Magos and attack us before we make orbit. Yes our GM is that nasty. I should point out at this point that at the end of the last adventure we’d completed the mission and rather than sitting back and enjoying the ride our psyker decided to psychically heal us. It ended up summoning a demon that none of our weapons could touch until I blessed my flamer ammo and got a lucky roll to toast the bugger. Oh, and de-brief can be nearly as dangerous as those Paranoia sessions of old.


4 thoughts on “Dark Heresy the Starship Troopers night

  1. sarutobi111 says:

    I wonder what perils of the warp (-ed mind) will meet us this week. I must get the Psyker tooled up, I have a feeling there are plan afoot to thwart his skills…..

  2. that's Mr Warped to you says:

    “…burst out of the magos and attack us…”

    Oh Tony, if only it were going to be that simple and easy to solve.

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