Killing My Boss by Colin F. Barnes and Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

This is another book that I came to read through an unusual route. I’d just written a review of Chuck Wendig’s Double Dead and a message arrived saying that Colin Barnes liked my review but that I had got the name of the dog wrong. I quickly corrected it and like most people I had a good nose at his profile. In an act of instant karma I bought Killing My Boss.

How could I not buy it? A book filled with short stories where the one certainty is that somebody tries to kill the boss is something that any wage slave office drone can relate to.  I got so engrossed in this book that I can’t remember much about the writing. It works. The distinct voices from the two authors ensure that there is a freshness and sense of expectation every time I started a new story. How was this boss going to abuse people? Who finally snaps? How do they intend to make their point?

For me this was a different and thoroughly enjoyable read that had me scribbling my own flash fiction about killing a boss. I’m not sure there is more of a compliment I can pay to an idea than to say that it inspired me.

My favourite story in this collection was ‘Bloody Bankers’ as there was a really sneaky aspect to it, oh and lots of horrible people die at the end.

This ebook cost me two quid on Amazon, which is less than a sandwich.


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