Warhammer 40k Doubles weekend

This weekend was my annual geek pilgrimage to Warhammer World in Nottingham. If you like any Games Workshop or Blavk Library stuff then you should go there at least once.

So me and my mate rolled up at 8am after a three hour drive. There was no queue for registration so we got that out of the way and got on with the serious business of imbibing some caffeine. We got our wrist bands crimped on (scary process akin to an Inquisitorial questioning), went back to the car to fetch our armies for the first game of the day. I won’t bore you with the details of the games, but there were plenty of moments worthy of a Black Library publication. Such as the Imperial Guard Veteren Sarge ‘Shocker’ McDuff (OK I made the name up just now) taking out a Grey Knight Justicar in close combat by sticking his Power Maul through the ceramite power armour. Or when my Grey Knight Interceptors activated their teleport shunt and appeared next to some evil looking Dark Eldar Jetbikes and shot them in to tiny little pieces.

Did we win? Not even close. Our army was made up of things we wanted to play rather than of things we thought we’d win with. Our last game was on table 49/69 so that tells you how badly we actually did. We did win the last battle so we probably came about half way up the rankings (ish). The thing is though, all five battles were close. So close that in most of them a single dice roll decided the result. This is how it should be. The rules in my opinion worked perfectly. We didn’t receive or inflict a one-sided massacre. This made things really enjoyable.

It isn’t all about gaming though. As for a sun dodging gamers and modellers go this is a social event. Everybody we played against and chatted to over the weekend were really nice people. The only shouting I heard was one Ork player screaming his WAAARGH! I only heard that once though which was odd. The event was really well run this time. The timings worked, the scenarios were balanced and interesting and the mission cards harking back to previous versions added a great flavour to the gaming. Bugman’s bar (yes it is a factory with a pub on site) was as usual staffed by friendly and efficient staff. The biggest bonus for me though was the quality of the meals. There were as usual three meals included in the ticket price, although it is only canteen food. Only? They surpassed themselves this year. Every meal (my mate had the veggie options) for both of us was way beyond the usual and expected quality. We didn’t stay for the pub quiz and screening of the Ultra Marines Movie on the BIG screen (I have the boxed set at home and wanted to sleep).

Not a gamer? Not interested in the modelling side? I can recommend going to one of these events (free to get in and watch) just for a spot of people watching. You will find just about every type of geek archetype you can think of. From the emo chick gamer girl to the fat balding middle-aged man (me). The range of emotions and reactions is fascinating to watch. People (including me) get so involved in the games that everything narrows and there is only the table and the opponents. There truly are some really interesting people.

If you play 40k and have a mate then I recommend attending one of the doubles weekends. They are friendly, fun and all-round entertainment. Except for sharing a hotel room with a snoring fart machine (I don’t think he minded too much though).


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