Lone Wolves by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson

I don’t read many graphic novels these days. It takes something special to make me pick one up. The cover for this is special. I can almost hear the conversation now. Somebody mocked up the cover without any words on it. Somebody else said “It’d be a shame to spoil this awesome image with titles and stuff”. Everybody in the room probably chuckled and agreed. Then somebody voiced what they were all thinking and suggested that they release it like that. They only went and bloody did it. It is quite frankly stunning. I’m currently trying to convince my wife that we need to frame it and put it on the wall somewhere.

If you have read the previous version of Lone Wolves then I should point out that there is one new story in addition to the pretty cover compared to your version.

I find it difficult to review a graphic novel without giving away the plot, but here I go. Shadrac is a doomed planet. The Tyranids have taken over and are in the process of stripping the life out of every single living thing. There is one lone band of Imperial Guard vainly hoping for a rescue. Except they are not alone. There is also a small band of Space Wolves trying to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy before retreating to the next battle. Being a 40k story there is no happy ending for anyone. There is only war (I had to get that in).

The story tries to pull you along at about 100mph, but the artwork wants you to slow down and look at the pretties. In the end I read it quickly, then went back to stroke the art.

If you have a coffee table go and buy this. All your visitors whether fans or not will pick it up. If you don’t have a coffee table, then buy one just to put this on.


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