Bullets for a Ballot by Nik Morton

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this by the creator of the Cash Laramie series for review purposes. I got all excited when I saw the email and inserted the book quite high up my reading list. If you haven’t read any of the Cash Laramie books you are probably thinking that Cowboy fiction died out years ago and that it is way to last century for a modern person such as you. I felt like that until I read the first one. Now I realise that a good story and engaging characters make a great read regardless of where and when the story is set.

There is something enthralling about the simple and harsh life of the Old West. Rough justice in the age of the gun is still evocative for me. There is a different feel from the previous Cash books. A feeling of passions and raw emotions laid bare. Not all of these are healthy, and there is one scene that despite the actual action being left to my imagination I was quite disturbed by it (I’m not sure what that says about my imagination).

Given that it was International Women’s day last week it was quite appropriate that I was reading a book where the plot centred around a female mayoral candidate and the lengths a corrupt mayor will go to in order to ensure his re-election. It was great to see a genuine female character in a setting where it easy to ignore them.

In some ways it is strange to read stories about the same characters but by different authors. At the same time it provides a different perspective on the characters and is a technique used a lot in the comic world. In this instance I’d say it works. I enjoyed this book as much as I did the previous Cash books. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for the next one regardless of the author.


One thought on “Bullets for a Ballot by Nik Morton

  1. Thanks for the review, Tony. David wants his Cash books to be noir, so that’s what I strived to do. Bearing in mind the age of some hapless girls taken into wedlock and bordellos in the Old West, I felt that I was true to the period regarding Cash’s situation.

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