Tiptree Jam is not a normal company

This is an unusual blog post for me, but one that I am compelled to write.

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday. I tweeted earlier that I was going to the Tiptree Jam (Wilkin & Sons Ltd. as you might know it) tearoom at Heybridge Basin.  It is a lovely place to go and my wife has taken the kids there a couple of times before. I had not been so it was a bit of a surprise when on sitting down the waitress asked if I was Tony Lane. I was a bit taken aback but didn’t think I owed them any money so admitted this dastardly fact. Apparently it had been spotted that I tweeted about coming here.

The five of us had a lovely meal in a lovely environment and the service was friendly and helpful so all in all it was a great late lunch. You’re probably thinking that’s the end of this story, but it isn’t. As we went to pay the waitress said there was no charge. Apparently the MD looks for related tweets and if something appeals to him he will occasionally do something like pay the bill of a customer. This was a really pleasant surprise and put a spring in our step as we went for an afternoon walk. It was the icing on top of a lovely birthday.

If you are in Essex I can recommend eating at one of their tearooms, but particularly the factory one at the factory in Tiptree. There is a little museum about the company history which is worth a quick wander around too.



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