A Jar Of Wasps by Luis Villazon

I was lucky enough to receive an advance reader copy of this book from Andy Remic and his army of toxic goblins over at Anarchy Books.

I don’t normally worry about when a modern book is supposed to be set, but because this one specifically mentioned orange disabled badges I was trying to remember when they changed to blue badges. I think it was around 2000 but I’m not sure. Quite a lot of cars are mentioned in this book, but that doesn’t help either as they are not real car names, more of an artists impression of what the cars could be called if they were named by normal people rather than corporate PR droids. I have to say that I did chuckle at some of the car names whilst trying to figure out which ones they were referring to.

As you can probably tell I am a tad on the geeky side. Geology though is not one of my main areas of geekiness. I stopped doing Geography as soon as I could at school to avoid the strange look that all the teachers had when they talked about rock formations and crystals. I knew then that it was something that could be all consuming. I’m older now, and more open to suggestion. I was fascinated as I read this Geo-thriller (I’m sure Andy Remic made that up just for the cover but I like it) as probably half of the science fiction part of this novel was actually just geology. I have no idea how Mr Villazon made it sound sexy but he did. I know somebody who used to be a Geologist and I’ll certainly be doing my best to get him to buy this book as I think he’ll probably dribble and drool whilst reading it (more-so than usual).

This really is a book for science geeks. There is some really interesting stuff that even goes as far as considering the potential differences between carbon and silicon based life forms. The pages in this book just fly by and the end is just suddenly there. Except it isn’t the end because if you are a fellow geek you’ll probably spend about the next four hours pondering various ‘what if’ scenarios.

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would and would recommend it to anybody wanting more science than fiction in their science fiction.


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