SWTOR Imperial Agent Story line


Did you read that line above? There be spoilers here. Not massive ones, but there are some. So please stop reading if you are likely to get grumpy because I’ve spoiled some of it for you.

I just said that an MMO has a class based story line that can be spoiled. If you’ve played these games for as long as I have then you understand what a huge deal this is. I wish I knew the names of the authors of this story because I would be praising them pretty highly. For most people the back story is a collection of cut scenes that get in the way of killing stuff. After playing this class through to the “end-game” I think it says more about the writing quality than the blood lust of the average MMO gamer that I was totally absorbed.

It starts off quite gently by introducing you to Imperial Intelligence and how it fits in to the Empire. It gradually gets more and more complicated. I can vividly remember sitting there at a decision screen and actually trying to work out exactly what was going on and how I wanted to proceed. Don’t get me wrong, although there are choices it is still pretty linear but I wanted my response to fit with how I saw my character. It is well directed and fits perfectly with how I would imagine a sci-fi secret agent would act.

As Shaun Ryder would say “you’re twisting my melon man”. There is one point in the story where you go beyond being a triple agent pretending to be a double agent in to some pretty surreal scenes where the voice in your head that is helping you could be the rogue agent trying to set you free but could also be a sign of insanity or a side-effect of the brain-washing. It took me hours to get to sleep that night as I was trying to work my way through the possibilities.

Letting yourself get captured and tortured feels very uncomfortable especially as  by this time I was very attached to Agent Saturn (Can you tell I’d just finished reading Empire State when I started this character) by then. She kicked ass though and after some mis-information escaped her gaolers to hunt down the mysterious cabal and most importantly the arrogant and self assured Hunter.

I am so glad that an MMO has finally managed to make a class story line worth playing for the sake of the enjoyment it brings and not just because of the rewards and unlocks. If you play SWTOR try immersing yourself in whatever class missions you are doing, as they mature they get really interesting.


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