Ultimate Adventure Magazine Press Release

I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but I think it is interesting for several reasons. Firstly and most interestingly for me is that it is something else that Andy Remic is doing. Does that man EVER sleep? Between writing, editing, running his own publisher how on earth does he find to to edit a magazine? The other interesting thing is that it is free. That is my favourite price for anything. Oh and the cover appears to be slating Clarkson which is always good.

Finally and most intriguing is that it is an adventure magazine with a short story section. I haven’t seen that before. Downsides? Some of the colours make me cringe and are not pleasant on my eyes.

For immediate distribution.

Ultimate Adventure Magazine Issue 2 is now available to download or read online.

Issue 2 contains swimming with Tiger sharks, Al Humprey’s “Microadventures” including climbing on the Isle of Skye, swimming Lake Bala with the British RAF, Pom on a Postie 2 (crossing Australia on a moped), The Art of Geocaching, interviews with Jon Bodan of metal band Halcyon Way, author Geoff Nelder and chocolate event organiser Ruth Shedwick.
That’s as well as rants from Grumpy Old Man and The Anti-Clarkson, and reviews of boots, kit, Bear Grylls, Brian Blessed and the Landrover Freelander! Plus, a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate, worth £79.98 each!!
Holy choc!
Check it out at: www.uamag.co.uk


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