Brave New World: Revolution by Matt Forbeck

This is a Kickstarter novel from Matt Forbeck. His goal to write TWELVE!!! novels this year puts to shame those of us that have failed at NaNoWriMo. The man is a writing machine I tell ya. Being a Kickstarter there are extras. In my case I went for the $25 to get all three books plus my name in the credits AND a personalized signature at the back of the ebook. Yes you heard me right, a signed freaking ebook. I got all giggly and my voice went up two octaves when I saw it. I am easily pleased by such things.

I’m a HUGE fan of Matt’s work, and his author credits reads like my reading and gaming lists for the last twenty years. So don’t expect an objective opinion. This is a typical Foerbeck work in that the chapters are broken up in to nice little chunks for those of us that read in bursts and the pacing is fantastic. I found myself trying to read faster than my brain could handle as I got towards the end. This is not a book that takes itself seriously. It is tie-in fiction that is based on a super heroes game. It reads like a comic and no doubt the game would play like a comic. Both of which are probably the desired effects. The Kennedy assassination goes a little differently in the back story and the government employees a crack team of  deltas (mutants or heroes to you and me) to either recruit or imprison other deltas. This is probably the most serious theme covered in the book because it hints at ethnic cleansing and the lack of due process to deal with “terrorists”. It might sound familiar.

This book takes no time at all to read and very little in terms of brain power. Don’t let that put you off though as yet again Matt Forbeck has delivered an action-packed roller-coaster of super hero goodness.


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