Dark Metaphor by Colin F. Barnes

First off I have to point out that this is a single short story. It will probably take you less than an hour to read. It cost me the princely sum of 77p which is less than a Cola and is much better value for money.

I’ve seen it written a lot that authors don’t write because they want to, they write because they have to. I get the feeling Colin’s work falls in to this category as it gives the impression of being cathartic. In a lot of cases this bleeds over to the reader as well. I found it worryingly easy to relate to the frustration and obsessive nature of the main character in this story. I can’t quite put my finger on why but this story reminded me of Tales From The Crypt. This is a good thing as I used to love that show. I was genuinely creeped out by this story and had an urge to go for a walk straight after reading it.

If you want a creepy lunchtime read this is a little gem.


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