Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan

I bought this book because of the author. I’ve read a couple of her short stories and enjoyed them. I also follow her on Twitter. I find that if an author comes across as witty and smart in their tweets then I’ll probably find that in their books too. I tend not to read much YA, but when I do I am usually surprised at how much I enjoy them. There is a lesson there in not judging a book by the genre.

The story is based on the battle between Angels and The Fallen. Don’t panic if you are an atheist though as you won’t instantly hate this book purely because of the themes. It is fiction after all. In very simple terms (the only ones my brain understands) this is a book about a never ending struggle between two armies. One side seeking to gain the upper hand and the other purporting to be trying to maintain the balance. You’ll notice the word purporting there. There are subtle hints throughout the book which lead me to think that the second book will  show just how alike the two sides really are despite their claim of being polar opposites. As usual in this kind of book it is poor old Earth stuck in the middle. What is unusual though is the concept of half-angels that is used. I may be over-analysing but I felt the way the main character was treated as a half-breed was a clear reference to the prejudice found in society. What made this work for me was that it was the very nature of the main character being a half-breed that was a huge factor in the result of the real battle. Who and what you are as a strength is a very powerful message. One that most of us can relate to.

Overall I found this to be a fun and enthralling read. I woke up this morning and finished the last 10% before breakfast. I just had to finish it. It is about now I’m wishing my memory was a little better though. There are some stunningly good one-liners in this book and I can’t remember any of them at the moment. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.

If you like added value there are also some extras at the end including a playlist of tracks that the author listened to whilst writing the book. I always like these things and this one was interesting.


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