Monsters Anonymous by Theresa Derwin

It is always nice when somebody sends you a free book. It is even better when it is just the kind of book you need at that point in time. Sometimes I need some humour thrown in with some macabre and gruesome stories to help me chill out. The timing on receiving this book could not have been better. I even stopped reading another book just to start this one.

Monsters Anonymous is an anthology that is soon to be released by Anarchy Books. This book fits in perfectly with the others that AB have released. It isn’t the same as all the rest, there is something different.  That seems to be the common theme. Like me you’ve probably never heard of Theresa Derwin but I think the timing and wit of her humour will be something the readers will be drawn to. I certainly am.

All the stories in this anthology are by Theresa Derwin. Although they can all be considered as separate pieces unrelated to the others that isn’t how it is. There are threads that run between the stories, in some cases the same characters appear in multiple stories. I particularly liked the humorous element provided by the monsters point of view.  Not all the monsters are monsters, and not all the non-monsters are not monsters. Harry for instance may have green skin and gain sustenance from eating people but he’s actually the kind of bloke I’d love to have a chat and a pint with down the pub. In some ways it feels like it should be expanded and turned in to a modern take on Tales from the Crypt. I think it would work even better in that format.

The stories and themes within them are varied and interesting. I even blushed a little at the rather raunchy story about a possessed vibrator. Yes, I did say possessed vibrator. I’m pretty sure I’ve never used nor heard used those two words together. My favourite story is probably the first one because it sets the tone so well. The support group setting really works and if I read the first few lines again I can almost hear the voices of the different characters.

This is a fun and yet disturbing read that really does manage to freak you out in unusual ways. It is well worth a read.


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