The Alleyman by Pat Kelleher

First things first. This is the third book in the No Man’s World series so go and read the first two books first. I enjoyed the first two books so was really looking forward to reading this one (no pressure Mr Kelleher).

Having spent an evening in the pub drinking with Mr Kelleher I can attest his his ridiculous amount of background knowledge in regards to not only WW2 but 1910-20 in general. This passion and knowledge come through loud and clear in this novel as it does with the rest of the series. I know for example that Pat spent a lot of time trying to make sure that the female characters were strong in a way that was appropriate for the time period. If you don’t know what an Alleyman is, or a FANY, or even what on earth (or alien planet) a puttee is – then I would suggest you flip to the back for the rather helpful glossary of terms.

This book carries on the story of the 13th Pennine Fusiliers and their attempts to survive on the most inhospitable of alien environments. The chase for the mad occultist Jeffries continues whilst the more pressing issue of avoiding all-out conflict with the insectile humanoids called Chatts (Chatt is another term you should really use the glossary for). I like the way that in these books the characters slowly manage to harness parts of the local environment to aid their survival. To me this really typifies the way that humans have adapted to a multitude of environments across the globe.

I do have one gripe about this book. Although the story of this book ends, the story arc of the series does not. This in itself is not bad, but as of yet there is not another book due and this means I may never know if Only gets to see Flora again, or if Lt Everson can lead him men home. There is of course one way you can all help me out with this. Go and buy all three books now so that Abaddon Books are compelled to release another book. As you can probably tell I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read another one.


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