The Spider Tribe by Heath Lowrance

Arachnaphobes need not apply! Seriously, if spiders creep you out then don’t read this unless you are in the mood to be creeped out.

This is a story based in The Old West. Unlike most of this genre that I have read it is mainly about the spiritual beliefs of an Indian tribe. Specifically the Lakota people and their evil trickster spirits called Iktomi (think Loki from Norse mythology with added spiders). I had never heard of Iktomi before reading this story, but I did some reading about them online after I finished reading this story and I think the idea has been captured in a way that really works.

This is a short story and as such the author has had to make good use of vague hints about the characters and the story background. The clever thing is that these seem to work rather than feeling like shortcuts. This story has less fat on it than a supermodel and left me wanting to read more. This story is an ideal lunch break filler and is cheaper than that frothy coffee you normally nurse for a while just to eek out the time, as an added bonus it is also better for your brain. I’ll certainly be reading more short stories by this author.


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