Ain’t No Sanity Clause edited by Theresa Derwin

A horror anthology titled after a Damned song is just what we need at this time of year. All the stories are seasonal in nature and provide a very cathartic read. This will make a great read when you are standing bored outside the umpteenth fitting room in the post xmas sales.

There is one thing about this anthology that really stands out. The author profiles before each story. Usually I skim read the blurb about whether the author loves or skins cats and tries to be gracious about how freaking great their story is. These are different. I actually cried with laughter after reading one of them. Don’t skim read them, and certainly don’t skip them altogether. As well as being amusing and/or just plain weird they also provide a nice counterpoint to the very dark and disturbing stories that follow.

Whether it is a haunting tale of a serial killer stalking their victim, or a child abductor or the Father Ted like catholic priests that hunt down illegal elf immigrants this anthology will freak you out and will certainly disturb you. I found myself discomforted on several occasions whilst reading this book. It challenges you and your ability not to empathise with some truly horrific characters.

For me the thing that makes this so scary is that it felt like I was only a doorstep away from any of the villains in these stories. Forego your afternoon naps this year and read this instead. You may find you have more in common with some of these characters after a few days with your family…


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