Curse of The Jade Amulet and Other Tales by Jack Calico

This book marks a change in direction for Anachron Press. I really enjoyed the horror anthologies but  this book is almost too easy to read. It is not very long in terms of word count, and when you couple that with the conversational narrative that I enjoy in crime noir stories then you get something that just flies by. It was much too short for my liking. I could have easily read twice as many stories in this collection without getting bored.

When I bought this I was under the impression that it was a series of cases featuring the same protagonists. I was a little confused to find out that this wasn’t the case. Once my brain adjusted I enjoyed the change of pace and perspective. All of the stories were enjoyable but my favourite character was definitely Tango (think Sly but with a lot more hair and less lines). How could I not enjoy a hulking great taciturn furry shape shifter? I couldn’t. I want to read more. Now.

I nearly forgot to mention the cover. I have a soft spot for old style pulp covers. There have been some really interesting articles about pulp covers but none of them are nearly as interesting as a slide show of them. This cover would fit in to one of those perfectly.

This book is well worth a read and I’ll be starting the second book in this line later this evening.


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