Hookers & Blowe by Mhairi Simpson

I love what Anachron Press have done with the covers of their Pulp line. It has that classical pulp feel and yet manages to look stylistically modern at the same time. Then we get to the title.  When I was a teenager Blow was an oft used term for an illicit substance in certain circles and so I was instantly intrigued by a title of prostitutes and drugs. It isn’t about either and the fact that Blowe is a straight-laced police officer only added to my feeling that this was going to be a book that I’d enjoy. In case you were wondering the Hookers are scary arse killer demons.

Like a traditional pulp story this one is quite short. Rather than seeming rushed it feels deliberately pared down. There is very little in the way of wasted words or effort in this book. Everything is there for a reason. The plot is simple and easy to follow without being obvious and the characters are believable and engaging. The obligatory dame is typically sensuous but is certainly not your average trophy girl.

I have a slight fascination with the notion that objects have power and can imbue them to willing vessels. I loved the weapon that Blowe managed to obtain in this story. It is almost a character in its own right. I’d happily read a story about the history of that weapon.

This is an enjoyable read and is well worth the time and money it takes to read.


3 thoughts on “Hookers & Blowe by Mhairi Simpson

  1. James Icon says:

    As President of Iconic Press Productions I can only say that this is the best book I have ever read. It’s fantastic.

    JK Rowling, EL James, W Shakespeare watch out.

    Mhairi Simpson is coming!

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