The Posthumous Man by Jake Hinkson

Elliot Stilling is having a bad day, a really bad day. Pretty much the worst day possible. He successfully commits suicide. Unfortunately for him (at least from his point of view) the medical staff bring him back. Elliott takes a liking to one of the nurses and they end up heading from the hospital towards a bar. First Felicia has to pop home and get changed. Arriving at her house is where things start go twist and turn. Elliot finds out that Felicia is part of a drug heist and ends up getting involved. After the robbery things get worse. Running alongside the plot various things about Elliot are revealed. Hist past as a preacher, what led him to suicide and the kicker at the end where we find out why he got involved with the shady scheme at all.

The ending in this book is vital. It pulls everything together like a CSI flashback sequence. I thought I had the ending figured and I was pretty much right but Mr Hinkson did it much better than my brain did. In some ways this is a very simple noir stories, but the interplay between the main bad guy Stan and our anti-hero Elliot is very clever and every single piece of their verbal sparring is important.

I will probably read this book again so I can try and pick up on some of the subtle early clues from a position of foreknowledge. It is well worth a read and I’d recommend it to anybody that enjoys a good noir story.


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