The Harker Legacy: Pulp Line #3 by Teel James Glenn

This is the third in the Pulp line by Anachron Press. It has more of a pulp feel than the previous two. It starts out quite sedately but the pace quickly picks up. At one point I started to worry that glorification of fox hunting was going to be used as a trope.. Thankfully it wasn’t and the pointless cruelty and waste is shown by the almost karmic results of the hunt. By that point I was hooked. It is then that things start to get a little bit weird. The Harker family has a dark secret. The matriarch of the Harker family is Mina Harker. You probably think you know what the secret is about now. You’d be wrong. It isn’t that obvious. This is a different ancient evil encountered by the Harkers in Eastern Europe.

Is this a polished and perfect story? No. There are a few minor things like an English character saying he was following for a few blocks. These niggles are overshadowed by the storytelling and vivid characters and in some part make this story feel like an old pulp story. This is an interesting and engaging short story that is well worth the price of a latte and is much more enjoyable.



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