Grimm and Grimmer: Volume One edited by Theresa Derwin

You may well see some reviews that say this is not for children. Admittedly it is not for small children but if you have read the original Grimm tales you’ll know they are by the standards of the time pretty gruesome.  If you consider your children mature enough to play the adult themed or fighting games on their console then they should be fine with this.

I don’t normally put lines from the books in my reviews, and certainly not the final line of a story. I can’t resist it though. And they all died happily ever after. That single line sums up this book for me. It manages to convey the gruesome and the comedic in such a simple yet elegant manner. These are all stories that we all know and love. Except for the little things. Such as the three chavs, the zombie wolf and the architect. All of these add character and fun without taking anything away from the essential from the stories.

This is a fun anthology that is well worth a read.


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