O’Leary’s Luck by Teel James Glenn

This is #4 in the Anachron Press Pulp line. The first thing to note is the cover. It has that old school pulp feel but at the same time manages to look modern at the same time.

I started reading this and took an instant dislike to O’Leary. So much so that I wondered whether I’d be able to read a whole story about him. I was actually glad when he was killed. Once Jon Shadows is introduced as the detective the story quickly picks up. I really like Shadows as a detective. Of course I do, how could I not? His mum was a ninja and his dad a famous adventurer. As if this isn’t enough colour he’s a mixed race almost albino ex-forces lover of life.

Shadows comes to New Orleans to spend some time with a young singer called Flora Temple. The trip starts with a bang as Luckless O’Leary runs in to Flora’s car. That’s when things really heat up.

This story does a good job in not giving away the plot too soon. There is a clue near the beginning but I forgot all about it until the end. This is a well polished pulp story and probably the best so far in the Anachron pulp line. It is so easy to read that I don’t even remember turning the pages.


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