Bad Times in Dragon City by Matt Forbeck

I’m a big fan of Matt Forbeck’s work. I have been for years. Not just his novels but his writing for the gaming industry as well. I found this book like all of Mr Forbeck’s novels to be ridiculously easy to read. One minute I had just started it and the next I was thirty thousand words in with no perception of any time having past. It is a very simple story told in a very simple way. I don’t know how he does it but this is an author that is worth reading just to see how simplicity can work so well. It may not be to everybody’s taste as it does feel a bit like a hack and slash fantasy novel. Except this is shotguns and sorcery which changes things a lot more than it should. It is a simple and enjoyable read that has a great pace to it.

Shotguns and sorcery sounds like a cheap trick to draw in an audience but there has obviously been a lot of thought in to what kind of magical shells a shotgun could fire. The story carries on from the first in the series but it can be enjoyed without having read the first one. Max Gibson is a human ex-adventurer that has to save his ex-girlfriend from an unpleasant demise. Being eaten by a Dragon just because your dead sister’s body has disappeared is not something Belle wants to happen so she calls on Max even though she really doesn’t want to. I could go on about powerful undead necromancers, dragons, dwarves, elves, magic, halflings and more besides but you’d be much better off reading this book instead.


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