Black Library Live 2013

This is my second BLL event. There have been some improvements in the organization of this event since last year. The email to all the customers the week of the event pointing to a survival guide for the event. The most useful part of this page was the advice about road works nearby. Given how much fun driving in Nottingham is at the best of times this was really useful. The other change I really liked was the quick grab pizza and seating area. It made it nice and easy to spend five minutes buying and eating some simple food so that we didn’t have to miss the seminars.

This year the author that made me buy was Andy Smillie. He is an eloquent young man who’s description of the Flesh Tearers in a way that seemed part Krav Maga and part Glasgow pub brawl all with well used chainsaws. Yeah, not much chance of me resisting that. The Sons of Sanguinius seminar with Andy Smillie and James Swallow  was really interesting and resonated really well with my hobbyist experience.

This year I was lucky enough to see a couple of seminars that included Dan Abnett. The man is as funny and interesting to listen to as he is fascinating to read. Hearing Dan Abnett and James Swallow talk about the Horus Heresy planning and brainstorming sessions was great as it showed what a collaborative effort the series is. The good news on that front is that at the moment it is estimated that there will be another twenty five books in the series.

Probably the oddest thing about the day for me was when Laurie Goulding was explaining the limits of what they will except in terms of sex and violence. When he said no torture porn I actually saw a couple of people scribble it down. I mean, really? You needed to be told that AND you needed to write it down to remember it? Wow! I don’t envy Laurie Goulding the job of managing the continuity of the whole 40k universe. That is some scary stuff. I’d rather herd angry internet kittens.

It was a fun if tiring event and as usual the staff at Warhammer World were excellent in helping the day run as smoothly as possible.


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