Deff Skwadron by Gordon Rennie

I picked up this Graphic novel at the Black Library Live 2013 event. There was something primitive and enticing about this graphic novel not being in colour.

I love Orks in the Warhammer 40k universe. There is a reality TV show called Duck Dynasty that is about a family that made a lot of money out of duck calls. They have no idea of the social conventions of how they are supposed to act now that they have money and it makes for some insane and hilarious TV. Now imagine this is taken further and somebody has given guns and war machines to a primitive race and let them go play. This is how I see the Orks. This makes them fun to play and difficult to write about. I like the way a Smart Boy was used for the purpose of explaining things to the reader. This slightly smarter Ork was able to express why Orks do things that most people wouldn’t consider doing on a battle field.

Deff Skwadron are a unit of air support for their Boss. They get sent on some strange and usually suicidal missions. Surviving a mission is not expected and if a plane returns intact that is a sign that the pilot was not trying hard enough. These stories are highly entertaining and liable to cause a bout of miniatures purchasing. This is a must read for anybody who plays 40k or anybody that wants a good old violent laugh.


Sorry I may have got carried away there for a second.


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