The Quorn Kitchen, by Quorn (the company not the food product)

This is an odd one for me. Firstly because I don’t normally review cookery books, but more importantly because I love eating meat. I really like eating meat and don’t normally like veggie options. That is why this book has become so important in my household. My wife is a vegetarian and so to avoid too many meals being cooked I do eat meals without meat. It does not mean that I will accept food that I don’t enjoy the taste of.

One thing that this book did for me was show me that a bolognase can be just as tasty with Quorn mince as it can with meat. It really is amazing how this form of Quorn takes on flavour. The fact that it is a really healthy option doesn’t hurt either. The bolognase and our adaptations of the recipe in this book have become a staple part of our diet. Even my 5yr old boy likes it. The other recipe in this book I ask for on a regular basis is the Stroganoff. I love it and it tastes just as lovely with a jacket potato (yes I know I’m odd) as it does with rice.

These two recipes alone make this book worth buying. If you add to that the other recipes that we have tried and have on occasion it is a very useful book. If you have a reluctant vegetarian like me you will at least give them some options that do not make them think they are missing out on good food or having an obvious meat substitute. Some of the recipes are easy and obvious like toad in the hole with veggie sausages and yet we had not thought of. Sometimes the ideas are the important thing and this book is full of them.


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