Dangerous Games: How To Play by Matt Forbeck

I’ve read a lot of Matt Forbeck’s books over the years. This is the first straight murder mystery of his that I’ve ever read. This would seem like a huge departure if it wasn’t for the fact that the murder takes place at Gen Con. I’ve wanted to visit Gen Con for the last twenty years and it is is on my bucket list so reading this book was always going to be something that I would enjoy. If like me you have played been a consumer of the gaming industry for nearly thirty years you will recognize and reminisce every time a name is dropped. I was particularly pleased that Mr Forbeck managed to work a mention of Gygax in to the story as the stop code for one of the live action games.  For most of us old gamers Gygax is a legend and it shows that Matt really understands gamers and gaming by ensuring that he mentions the great man.

The story itself is quite simple and easy to follow. As usual for a Forbeck book it is fast-paced and eminently readable. I found it really easy to empathize with the main character Liam Parker. I liked the way that the Mojo Poker game from Forbeck’s previous novel Vegas Knights was worked in to the plot as the product that the main protagonist was trying to sell to the publishers at Gen Con. After reading this story not only do want to read the next book in this series but I have moved visiting Gen Con up to number one on my bucket list. If you have ever played board games or role-playing games then you will love this book. If you have ever been to Gen Con or are considering visiting it then this book is a must for you.


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