Con-Eire by K.A. Laity

Although this is sold as a book it is a radio play in format. Don’t let that put you off though. Radio plays are often fun. Given the ultra-low price of this offering from K.A. Laity it would be churlish not to give it a go. It is perfectly formed to read in a lunch break, or come to that any other half hour slot you might have free.  The first line of the product description explains what this book is about far better than I can. So here it is:

A love letter to the folks who do the thankless work behind the scenes at SF&F cons everywhere!

Anybody who has ever volunteered in any capacity at any kind of community event knows full well just how much grief it is possible to get for doing something nice for your peers. There is no adulation and rarely any kind of respect from huge swathes of the visitors. A SF&F convention is a good example of this and they can have a kind of anti-Vegas effect. What happens at a con certainly never stays at a con and in some cases it can go on and on for years on message boards. So no pressure then. So this play is for those people and all they have to do behind the scenes.

The story is simple, the characters bold and unique within the story. I found it scarily easy to hear the different voices of the characters as I was reading. I found some of the comments about  BIG NAMED  WRITER funny enough to have me giggling at my desk as I read them. This was a great way to spend a lunchtime and I feel happier for reading it.

Take a chance on this one, you will not regret it.


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