Stormlord by Guy Haley

This is a Warhammer 40000 story. The Stormlord is a kind of superheavy tank. It is a behemoth. A troop carrier and anti-infantry specialist. The perfect vehicle for the Imperial Guard. When I think of the Guard I always imagine the Red Army from the Second World War. Guy Haley evokes the grim attrition of the meat grinder that is being an infantryman. This combined with the First World War British style officers and tactics really puts the grim in to the grim dark future.

This short story shows that even a man who considers himself the elite nobility on his own planet is just another warm body to fight the crusades and endless wars for the High Lords of Terra. An officer apart from his men and yet one of them. There is more to this book than a scene reminiscent of the opening ten minutes from Saving Private Ryan but it does have that feeling. I enjoyed this book but would have much preferred a Novella or novel so that there could be a lot more time spent on describing the workings and dynamics within the Stormlord. I may have to go and buy Baneblade now.


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