Grimm and Grimmer Volume Two edited by Theresa Derwin

The easy review of this collection of modern imagining of fairy tales is to say that if you like Grimm on TV then you will like this.

There is more to this book than riding on the back of a hit TV show. With most re-imaginings of fairy tales the setting is usually the here and now. Part of the appeal for this anthology is that the settings are very different for each story. I particularly like the science fiction feel of Death’s Messengers. I vaguely remember that in the original story the victim eventually just goes with Death. Technically that is true in this version but his own terms are a little different from the original. I don’t want to give anything else away so you’ll just have to go and read it.

All of these stories are different in style and setting and yet each is true to the spirit of the fairy tale that inspired it. The message and point of the stories may be the same as the originals but each one has a twist of something to add a flavour and feeling that makes it a story in its own right.

Before each story there is an introduction to the author and why they’ve chosen to write their story. These make it very easy to see where the author was coming from. This is a fascinating book that had me digging around my piles of old books for my collection of Grimm tales.


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