End Times in Dragon City by Matt Forbeck

This is the third and concluding part of the Shotguns & Sorcery series. This series was crowd funded by a Kickstarter project but that does not mean it is any less worthy that a traditionally published series. I’m yet to read a Forbeck book that I haven’t enjoyed so this was a fairly safe bet for me. This book follows straight on from Bad Times in Dragon City so I suggest you read that and Hard Times before reading this book. That will ensure you get the most enjoyment from this series.

The story starts with our hero stuck in a high security prison where the guards have locked everything up and gone to fight a nigh-on hopeless battle against the Ruler of the Dead. From there things get worse for Max. Yes, I did say worse. There is barely time to breathe whilst reading this as Matt’s trademark fast flowing style hurtles towards the inevitable ending. For me there was a big surprise at the end. I thought I’d figured out what was going to happen and I was completely wrong. The Ruler of the Dead re-animates the fallen Dragon Emperor to do her bidding. This undead beast has a nasty decaying breath weapon that ages humans to death and doesn’t exactly do much for the youthful good looks of a dwarf or an elf. I thought that this weapon was going to be fired at the young Dragonet to age him in to a fully developed and grumpy dragon. That would have allowed Spark to massacre the undead army that was storming the city. The actual ending is much better and fits well with the overall story arc a lot better than my thoughts.

As usual Matt has delivered a fast-paced and easy to read story that captures your imagination as much as it does your attention.


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