Chastity Flame by K.A. Laity

I don’t read much erotic fiction but I do try and read one every year. I chose this book mainly because the author comes across as a really intelligent and interesting person when I see her post anything online. Calling the main character Chastity in a story with this much sex is a quick indicator that the author has a sense of humour. Wow there is a lot of sex in this book. Perhaps the more surprising thing about this book is that Chastity Flame really does work as a female James Bond. There is a well formed plot that is not reliant on the sexual encounters to make it work and instead show how lonely  the life of a government agent without permanent attachments could be. The characters are believable and the sexual encounters and reactions of the various supporting characters plausible.

This is a very finely balanced book. Traditionally as a society we view women with numerous sexual partners as slutty and denigrate them. Not so in this story. This part of the story is so well written that it is difficult to describe. Despite the pre-programmed social conventions running through my head I thought of Chastity very much the same way as I would a male character in the same situations. I certainly did not expect to be thinking about sexual politics. There is a lot more to this book than just an erotic fiction story with a plot. I plan to buy the second book and you should forego a frothy coffee and buy this one.


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