Fist of the Fae by Teel James Glenn

Modern takes on pulp fiction stories can easily feel either dated or like a great big round of Edam. Thankfully this story does not suffer from either of those issues. The pace was fast moving and relentless in a manner that befitted a boxing match. I enjoyed the way that the main character is trying to get back to his roots and how that opens up a world of magic and adventure lost to most people in the modern world. There is an extra at the end of this book that talks about how the protagonist is based on a real writer. The correspondence between the character and Lovecraft is based on fact. I won’t give you the name, you’ll have to read the book for that.

A Texan with Irish lineage is not a person to besmirch unless you’re willing to back it up. The showdown at the end of this story is going to happen pretty much from the beginning of the story. The way it gets there and where it happens I did not expect. There were surprises in this story that have left me reading about Irish Folklore and imagining what the story could have led to. Any story that sparks the imagination is a good thing. This book is well worth missing a frothy coffee with your name on the side for. If you enjoy this one I’d recommend looking at the rest of the Anachron Press pulp line. They are all a great modern take on pulp fiction.


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