Drag Hunt by Pat Kelleher

Drag hunting is not a very pleasant thing. Hunting a fox with horses and hounds is just not something I can  countenance. Thankfully in this instance it is a metaphor for a break-neck chase of Coyote. Or is it Coyote doing the chasing. At times it is hard to tell.

I’m lucky enough to have spent a couple of hours at the bar chatting with Pat. He is a man with a huge wealth of knowledge that is scary for both the depth and breadth of it. This comes in handy over the course of this story. For the size of this novella there are a lot of different gods from various pantheons mentioned. Merging them in to a coherent narrative is no mean feat and it is masterfully done here. There is just enough information to ensure that the role of a character is clear but not so much that it slows things down. The really great thing about this story is that it sparked me in to digging out some old mythology books and reading some pages online to learn some more about some of the less well known mythology.

The story itself has an unusual beginning. I can safely say that I have never before read a story about a deity trying to save the universe by recovering his self-aware genitals. Yes it is an odd premise for a story but it works really well. It is not the crude joke that it sounds. There is one huge mistake in this story though. The protagonists fly from Vegas to Manchester. When they arrive it is not raining. This is clearly not possible as it always rains in Manchester. I enjoyed this book and have little doubt that anybody else would too.


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