The Express Diaries by Nick Marsh

I tend to read mainly ebooks these days. The hardback version of this book is lovely though. It has one of those ribbons to mark your page. Somehow that makes a book seem just that little bit more special. Something about the cover just screamed Call of Cthulhu at me. It was subtle but somehow familiar. I should have recognized the name Eric M. Smith. The map on the inside cover was clear and easy to read which is as nice as it is unusual. The little notes and sketches in the book added colour and yet m,ore touches that hinted to me that a role-player had written this book.

As the book starts out I thought that Betty Sunderland was going to be another Miss Marple and this just another murder on The Orient Express. Betty is mature and underestimated by those around her but that is where the similarities stop. Betty used to be an archaeologist and as the story progresses it seems a pickpocket and master lockpick and all round slightly dodgy character. For all that though she is lovable and endearing. The more of this book I read the more I realized that it would make a great Call of Cthulhu adventure. It just seemed that way, not just because of the content but because of the way the narrative worked. I wasn’t too far wrong on that point but I’ll let you read the book to find out at the end.

The growing insanity of all those involved is really well portrayed in this story and I particularly like the way that nobody is left untouched by the horrors. If you’ve ever played CoC you must read this book. I think this book will appeal to a wide range of horror fans especially those that like more of a suspense driven thriller. Don’t get me wrong though as there is plenty of gruesome action especially the skin flaying nastiness. This is a great package and a thoroughly enjoyable read. I’ve already told a couple of my friends that they really must read this book.


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