The Daedalus Code by Colin F. Barnes

If you are well versed in Greek mythology then you will be expecting a mention of a labyrinth somewhere in this story. There is one. In fact it could be said that there are two. The obvious one used to store the stolen data but the less obvious one is the plot. It is easy to see how the whole story could be seen as a different type of maze.

This is a cyberpunk novella. It has all the hallmarks of the stories I read as a teenager. The big difference of course is that the imagined current and future tech are more appropriate for what we know today. There is a rogue AI but it goes about its world domination plans in a different and more believable manner. It certainly thinks more like a computer than a human. At least kidnapping bright young minds and forcing them in to servitude seems like a logical act for an artificial intelligence to do.

The main characters all feel believable. I like Mouse. I like his morals and more importantly I liked the journey of the character. Mouse’s journey is the absolute key to the finale and ties the whole story together. Probably my favourite thing in the book though is the car. I want one, and that is always a good thing in any science fiction story. Colin F. Barnes is a great writer who deserves more notice than he receives so buy this book. You’ll enjoy it.


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