Dangerous Games: How to Win by Matt Forbeck

This is the third in the Dangerous Games trilogy. This series was part of Matt Forbeck’s Twelve for 12 idea. If you haven’t heard about this totally insane idea it is a variation on NaNoWriMo that involved writing twelve novels of about 50k words each over the period of a year. To make life even more difficult they were funded be a series of four Kickstarter crowd funding drives. This is where being in the gaming and writing industries for over twenty years comes in handy. The funding goals were of course the easy part. Writing four disparate series in a single year (plus all the other freelance work) is a challenge and Matt rose to that challenge. For me this series is the best one. It is quite obvious that Gen Con and the gaming community mean a great deal to the author and that adds a real passion to the whole environment.

The story takes you back to Gen Con a year on from the second book. This time Liam Parker is the full-time head of security for the convention. What could possibly go wrong? The answer to that one is pretty simple. A lot. Some old issues are dragged back to the fore but in a new and spectacular manner. It is pretty safe to say that with the body count higher than the first two books put together this would be a pretty bad year to visit Gen Con.

As usual for a Matt Forbeck book this story flies along at a great pace. The amount of games and people in the gaming industry that get a mention across this series is just insane. Some I had to stop and look up just because I had to know but with most of them it was just a joy to see them get a mention. My favourite mention in this book is of a reviewer and huge advocate of Matt’s work. As a fellow man who enjoys reading those reviews it gave me a great amount of pleasure when I came across it. It was done so perfectly too. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the trilogy as a whole. It is a must for any gamer.


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