Hard Road by J.B. Turner

I have to start by saying that this feels like a Tom Clancy Op Center story. Not a copy, and the organizations and plots are very different. What I mean is that J.B. Turner builds the tension in a way that you really do feel like the world is under threat. This book gave me that feeling, you know the one, the one where you just know that this is going to be a long series of books that needs to be purchased. This is story is based more around the FBI than a shadowy grey ops agency but the addition of the ex-Delta Force private contractor adds that air of mystery to proceedings.

The two main characters could not be more different and yet similar in subtle ways. John Reznik is a former special forces private contractor that carries out unpleasant tasks for the government without them having to be directly involved. He’s as tough, smart and resourceful as most special forces soldiers tend to be. He does have issues though. I like the way his personal issues leaves him unable to communicate even with those that he loves the most. It feels real. This is in stark contrast to FBI Assistant Director Meyerstein. She is a woman in total control of herself and those around her. She is calm, calculating and methodical, which seems so different from Reznik and yet they seem to gel so well. I can see this becoming one of those ‘will they won’t they’ relationships as the series progresses.

Biochemical weapons are to me quite frightening. The thought that some unseen microscopic particles gently blowing on the wind can end not just my life but that of those that come in contact with me is just plain scary. This book if anything makes this type of threat seem more real and genuinely terrifying. This book is a fascinating read that entertains from cover-to-cover.


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